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What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is about diagnosing and treating misalignment and irregularity of the tooth, especially in the jaw area. The orthodontic treatment process is about 1.5 - 2 years on average. Braces should be checked by a doctor at certain periods in the range of 4-6 weeks. Before starting the orthodontic treatment process, the absence of rotten teeth in your mouth, gum inflammation, bleeding is one of the important details. Before orthodontic treatment, we recommend that your dentist make your fillings and tooth stone cleaning. Remember, it is not possible to attach brackets to the teeth of patients who are in hygienic poor condition in the oral structure or who have bleeding in the gums along with brushing. With Orthodontics Antalya, you can have great teeth and be protected from all possible dental diseases. Having this treatment in Antalya will give you many advantages.

How is Orthodontics performed?

There are many fixed or removable orthodontic treatment devices and methods for sorting the teeth in their ideal position, regulating the relationship between the jaws, and adapting the surrounding tissues and muscles to this new hard tissue structure. These devices work by applying light pressure to the teeth and jaw. At the first appointment, your doctor will perform a comprehensive orthodontic examination and tell you whether orthodontic treatment is necessary, if necessary, when it should be done. Your doctor will also inform you about how long the treatment will last, as well as the cost of treatment and payment alternatives. Before starting orthodontic treatment, there should be no rotten teeth in the mouth. We recommend that your dentist, who you constantly go to, have all the fillings done, that your gums do not bleed while brushing. So when you come to the orthodontic examination, you will not waste time. Because when your braces are installed, filling and cleaning of the tooth stone will disrupt the treatment. In addition, it is not possible to attach brackets or attach apparatus to the teeth of patients with poor oral hygiene, whose gums bleed when brushing. If the conditions for orthodontic treatment are appropriate and you have decided to have such treatment, some records should be taken and examined by your doctor in order to pinpoint the problem and make a detailed treatment plan. If you are undergoing treatment by sticking a bracket, your doctor usually applies it to the upper jaw, depending on the state of confusion. The lower jaw can be started after several sessions, depending on the situation. Thanks to this application, it will be easier for you to get used to the brackets, and you will not expect brackets in vain on the chin that show less perplexity. Orthodontics Treatment in Antalya usually includes stages written above.

Orthodontics in Antalya

There is no age limit for orthodontic treatment. The mechanism of movement of teeth is the same in all healthy people, regardless of age. It is also possible to treat patients with adult healthy dental tissues, as well as conditions that will be prevented during the period of milk dentition. Orthodontics in Antalya is one of the most common dental treatments. The duration of treatment depends on some factors, such as the patient's age, the amount of remaining development, the severity of the problem, and the patient's co-operation during the treatment period. In general, treatments last in the range of 12-30 months. A better idea of this period will be given after a clinical evaluation. Orthodontics treatment is applied during the period of baby teeth, problems that occur due to habits such as finger sucking, lip biting seen during this period are eliminated. With orthodontic treatment, a permanent disorder of the skeletal structure of the jaw is prevented. The period of mixed dentition is also covered by orthodontics. During this period, both milk teeth and permanent teeth are found in the mouth. If the baby teeth are lost early and cannot guide the continuous tooth from below, Space strictures occur. Orthodontics deals with the elimination of strictures in this place. The mismatch between the jaws, which occurs as a result of the development of the lower and upper jaw not occurring in harmony with each other, is also within the scope of orthodontics.

Orthodontics Prices in Antalya

After the final wage agreement, extra costs may arise from problems caused by one's improper practices. The average cost of treating adults is higher than the average for children. Orthodontics Prices in Antalya may vary depending on the material used and the treatment technique used by the dentist. Orthodontics prices vary according to treatment, according to the specialist physician who will perform the treatment, and depending on many factors. Specialist Orthodontist preference is a very important factor. Orthodontics is a complex medical field, and an inexperienced orthodontist can cause you significant pain and cause permanent damage to your teeth if the right treatment is not applied, causing extra cost.

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Pietro Cuombo Pietro Cuombo / UK

Excellent choice.
After two years chat with the caring, honest coordinator/ translator Christine I have decided and chose Papatya Dental Hospital.
From day one I had a nice feeling about the clinic, beautiful young lady and Emre the professional dentist.
Everyone in the clinic were very kind, treatment was done professionally and highly recommend.
Thank you guys

Lana Sharb Lana Sharb / UK

I had some teeth problems regarding fillings, veneers and implants. Papatya is a life saver, the implants installing process wasn’t hard at all, it took less than 1 hour for 3 implants, I came back after two months after the implant was done, zirconia crowns are the best materials and they suggested it for me. I’m so happy with my smile makeover, thank you Papatya for making me smile again

Chloe Miller Chloe Miller / UK

I used to have couple of missing teeth since I wasn’t caring much about my teeth and I regret it, Dr. Ahmet is the best implant specialist I’ve seen. He tell you the best treatment for you and he answers all your questions. He is really so experienced and professional. Thank you for everything and special thanks to Dr. Ahmet and his assistant

Claara Miller Claara Miller / UK

I’m sooo satisfied with my implants, I went to Antalya 3 months ago and it was the best decision I’ve ever made! They’re cheaper and even better than UK dentists. You don’t feel any amateurism in any form. I got veneers installed on my second visit and they look amazing . Thank you Dr Ilhan and dr Ahmed .

Sam Stevens Sam Stevens / UK

They take their work seriously, they are not boutique dental clinic they are a dental hospital. I around 7 implants and plenty of veneer work. on two visits the treatment plan was implemented as we agreed no hidden fees. Get your teeth sorted here i highly recommend them :)

Simon Simon / UK

I texted Dr. Anilcan on his personal number and he was so helpful, I had some sensitivity issues. After I got my teeth done I haven’t had any ace or sensitivity. If you’re looking to get your teeth done go for it they’re the best in Antalya in terms of quality and prices

Gabriel Harris Gabriel Harris / France

I’m honestly glad i chose this clinic, I had 2 implants and Emax veneers set and the outcome is amazing! I was really pleased with my dental treatment and my stay, Konyaalti is a great place for relaxing and they are next to it. No regrets, you won’t be disappointed

John John / UK

I had an unfortunate fight with my Airbnb host over some accommodation issues and my teeth got damaged, I went to Papatya for a check-up for my front teeth. They were so calming and helpful. Lucky me they had their orthodontist working on that day so they fitted me in. My front two teeth were swinging a bit and Dr. Hasan did an amazing job just in about 30 mins. He told me to go for a check-up after two weeks since I was going back home. I went for a check-up back in home and everything went fine. Thanks to Dr. Hasan my front teeth are still healthy. They have an amazing staff, Thank you Papatya you’re a lifesaver.

Klara Spencer Klara Spencer / UK

I had some orthodontic problems back at home and I wanted to change my teeth' appearance so bad!, Dr. Eren helped me with this and they look astonishing Clinic is clean and the staff is very overwhelming, highly recommended!

Achillefs sousalis Achillefs sousalis / Denmark

I have chosen PAPATYA Dental Hospital
After long time on Google search, and talking to a lot of people, I have decided on PAPATYA Dental Hospital, in Antalya.
I have chosen PAPATYA Dental Hospital. Already from day one I was started feeling relaxed from the welcoming from the lobby young people, Merve the beautiful young Lady and the handsome young Man Emre. The travel coordinators/translators, Bazi and Toga and the hospitals driver's. The implantation doctor, Dr.Ahmet Göktaş, I do hope that is the correct spelling. He is kind and friendly and above all very good in what he does. The Young dentist have treated me Yesterday, was very gentle and kind. I will find out about he's name on Tuesday when he will work on me again. Not to forget their supervisor, he's just fine person. I don't recall the name but I will correct my report in an other time, I am sure. OK, take good care of yourselves everyone. Keep Healthy in order to be able to help more people coming to your way.


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