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Antalya Dental Clinics

(Translated by Google) A wonderful experience that I highly recommend. 20 teeth facet E-max was asked because I felt my teeth were yellow. The result: my teeth are completely white and easy to care for. Besides having white teeth, their shapes are much more beautiful. Whether the clinic, reception staff or dentists and technicians welcomed me very well! The study took place for a week: Monday to Saturday. I have nothing to complain about hygiene. It seems to me that everything is respected. If it were again, I'd do it without hesitation.

Mr. Dr. I'm Ahmet Bey's Patient I'm very pleased with the interest shown from the first time I came to your hospital.I'm extremely satisfied with the treatments my daughter, my son and I were extremely satisfied with the services we received. In particular, I would like to thank your interested employees for their interest. From Me To Papatya Tooth Family 10 stars

Antalya Dental Clinics

I met your hospital two weeks ago. During this time, I am very pleased with the tolerant and friendly approach of my doctor Işılay Hanım, her assistant and your employees. I would like to thank PAPATYA ORAL AND DENTAL HEALTH CENTER and its employees.


I am receiving orthodontic treatment in the Chamomile Clinic. Dear Zafer SARI, I'm very pleased with Mr. I liked his dialogue with the Patient very much and admired his dexterity. It is not a treatment to fear. I would like to thank him for his interest in being a friendly, experienced physician. With love.


Endless thanks to both the hygiene and the interest of interest. Dt. Emre Bey also thank you healthy smile good work.

Antalya Dental Outpatient Clinics


The doctor I see most in my life is the dentist. Today, the dentist of your hospital Emre KONYAR our teacher has done the treatment and tooth extraction process I've experienced for the first time in my life so light fast and beautiful professional. Thank you very much for everything. Recommend to all

Sevil Şen TÜRKAN

I had a lot of hesitation in dental issues. I came to this hospital looking at the comments that the internett as soon as you enter the already friendly people welcomes you. After that, all your fear goes away.

At first, I was a little worried about the doctor. but after today's treatment how much I made the right choice anladim.Her exactly what I want to work and fulfilled everything I want to meet bi doctors. I can say it was great in every respect. Very pleased. It's a good thing I've chosen Papatya Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic.