About us

Gülümseyen yüzler projesiyle başladık biz bu yola, insanların güzel bir gülüşe sahip olmasını hedefledik. Şimdi bunu gerçekleştirmek ve hayata geçirmek için çabalıyoruz. Papatya Dental ailesi olarak ağız ve diş sağlığı alanında uzman ekibi ile insan odaklı anlayışı ve modern çağın yöntemlerini benimseyerek siz değerli hastalarımıza hizmet vermeyi amaç edindik.

Under the leadership of our founder physician Dr.Ahmet Göktaş with 11 years of experience. Established in October 2016, our clinic has started to serve in 5 clinics in Kepez region of Antalya with its expert staff.
In 2017, as the central branch of Papatya Oral and Dental Health Polyclinics in Konyaaltı region of Antalya, it has been opened to service in Antalya's most popular and busiest streets with its 11 clinics on a total area of ​​2000 square meters.

In 2018, with the idea of ​​bringing service to service, it opened a new branch with 3 clinics in Kumluca region of Antalya.
Papatya Oral and Dental Health Polyclinics with a total of 14 specialist physicians and 30 staff serves in 19 clinics.

There are children's playgrounds, imaging centers, sterilization rooms, comfortable waiting rooms, environments where patients with disabilities and dentists fear can be served with sedation and general anesthesia.

It has the capacity to serve international patients in the international arena with its physical and hardware infrastructure that will lead Health Tourism. We try to provide the best service to our patients by translating all languages ​​in our clinic with our translators.

With experienced dental technicians in the dental prosthesis laboratory equipped with digital technology (cad cam). Together we provide fast and high quality service in the field of aesthetic and prosthetic treatment.

Smile design, laser tooth whitening treatment, dental implant applications, jaw joint disorders. Zirconium tooth coating. Root canal treatment, tooth filling, gum treatments, orthodontics (braces correction), pedodontics (children), sedation, dental treatment with general anesthesia

As Papatya Dental family, we will continue to do our best to ensure that our valued patients have a beautiful smile in Konyaaltı, Kepez and Kumluca regions. And that we can do it in-house.
We look forward to serving you.

Papatya Dental

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