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Hollywood smile in Antalya


Hollywood smile in Antalya

Hollywood smile in Antalya

Many tissues such as teeth, soft tissues, muscles, bones have a role in the treatment of Hollywood smile. Hollywood smile in Antalya is a treatment that requires the cooperation of many departments interested in these tissues. At this point, it becomes important why a person does not like his smile.

A personalized treatment plan is prepared after digital analyses, radiographic and intra-oral examinations, taking into account the patient's concerns and wishes. As part of this treatment plan, criteria such as the position of the teeth, the size of the teeth, the level of the gums, the color of the teeth, the position of the lips, the harmony of the lips and teeth, the smile line are evaluated. Treatment is carried out systematically and ideal results are provided.

What is Hollywood smile?

Hollywood smile combines cosmetic and restorative dental treatments to make you smile like a star. Laminas, on the other hand, help you cover the defects in your teeth with an effective treatment plan. The smile you dream of with the Hollywood smile is waiting for you! Hollywood smile is the most desirable form of dental aesthetics in clinics today. The intent from Hollywood laughter is the desire to have an aesthetic smile. Aesthetic smile, porcelain veneers tooth structure to be corrected with the person's existing gingival esthetics of the mismatch between the gums and teeth with a proper dental zirconia coatings on the teeth be corrected, or applications to be made and when you smile, The Hollywood smile, white teeth and healthy teeth and gums have completely described it as an aesthetic appearance.

How is Hollywood smile performed?

There are some stages of Hollywood smile. These operations are:

  • The structure of the teeth and jaw is determined by taking photos and videos of the patient's teeth,
  • Modeling process by taking measurements,
  • By using computer systems, designs are made according to the patient's facial, lip and tooth ratios. In this way, the ideal tooth size and form is determined for the patient.
  • Plaster models and dental prototypes are prepared based on the data determined by the photos and system outputs taken about the teeth.
  • Ready-made prototypes are applied to the patient's mouth

Advantages of to have Hollywood smile in Antalya

Because it is a personalized treatment method, choosing the right doctor is very important. Hollywood smile in Antalya is a treatment that gives both economic and effective results. Since the duration of treatment is unclear, you can spend a pleasant time and vacation in Antalya during this time. Before starting treatment, you can see what your teeth will look like after treatment. This technology is used in Antalya dental clinics. You will never regret having this treatment in Antalya.