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All on 4 treatment in Antalya


All on 4 treatment in Antalya

All on 4 treatment in Antalya

All on 4 treatment in Antalya is one of the most common dental treatments and has effective results. With this implant-Prosthesis System, your prosthesis may not need to be removed and cleaned, it is very easy to care and clean in natural ways.

The All-on-4 system uses four dental implants, on which the prosthetics will be fixed. It mostly ensures that block bone grafts are not used. It is their biggest advantage over traditional implants. Especially in the lower and upper posterior region, serious bone loss is observed in bone structures that have passed through tooth extraction for many years. The biggest problem with these bone losses is that anatomical formations next to the posterior regions make implant construction difficult or even impossible. In such cases the all-on-4 is a very good alternative. Requires a minimum amount of recovery time.

How is All on 4 treatment performed?

This technique is applied in completely toothless patients in cases where the jawbone is insufficient. Implant placement is highly strategic. A total of 4 implants are placed in the front area of the jaw along with 2 long implants that are angled up to 45 degrees towards the back area and 2 implants that are placed straight in the front area. Prosthetic stability is achieved thanks to this special placement and wide anterior-posterior distribution. In this way, a full toothless jaw can be restored with a fixed prosthesis with the help of 4 implants. The name of the prosthesis made is also hybrid prosthesis. In other words, the full jaw is a fixed prosthesis that we can replace the lost soft tissues. The All on 4 treatment can be performed in just one day, as well as traditional implant times according to your doctor's indication. You have teeth that will make you look and feel completely natural.

Why you should choose Antalya for All on 4 treatment?

Some of the advantages of All on 4 treatment in Antalya are as follows.

  • It offers fixed dental prosthesis to patients without full teeth on the same day with a single surgical procedure.
  • The operation is easier because no advanced surgical procedure, such as sinus augmentation surgery, bone addition, is performed.
  • Because the number of dental implants used decreases and does not require additional surgical procedures, its cost is lower than conventional dental implant treatment
  • An aesthetic appearance and laughing line, which can be planned individually, provide a smile aesthetic.
  • Hospitable welcome
  • Experienced dentists, exact solutions, hygienic clinics and affordable treatment fees in Antalya.
  • It is suitable for patients with nausea reflex, who cannot use mobile dental prosthesis.
  • Its design is different compared to full dental prostheses. It is easier to get used to and use because it does not cover the part of the palate of the patient.